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Note: POIDB currently supports business listings for Australia only.

Drive customers from the Web to your front door. Low Cost Advertising that works everyday.

Increase your online visibility and earn more money by adding your business to Here's a list of what can do for you!

  Premium Listing Free Listing Promotional Special
Show basic business details Yes Yes Yes
Be listed in the category of your choice Yes Yes Yes
Be listed in multiple postcodes Yes Yes Yes
Edit your business Profile Yes Yes Yes
Upload logo and other images Yes Yes (Max 3) Yes
Get listed on the top of search results Yes   Yes
Get optimised listing for better search engine rankings Yes   Yes
Highlighted Business Listing Yes   Yes
No Competitors displayedNearby competitors are removed from Business profile page. Yes   Yes
Show up in the front page of destination pages Show More Yes   Yes
Offer discount coupons and promotional dockets. Yes   Yes
Receive Weekly Reports Yes   Yes
Embed YouTube videos on your listing page Yes   Yes
6 Months Premium Online Advertising Yes
or $399/year
$ Free $175 for 6 months.

Drive customers from the Web to your front door. Add your Business for free.


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