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GPS Acronyms

Below is a list of acronyms that you may come across while playing with GPS technologies.

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Acronym Details
N. mi. Nautical mile
N/A Not Applicable
N/C or NC Not Connected
NAD North American Datum
NANU Notice Of Advisory To Navstar Users
NAS National Airspace System
NASA National Aeronautics And Space Administration
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAV RINEX Ephemeris File
NAV-Msg Navigation Message
NAVSTAR NAVigation Satellite Timing And Ranging (synonymous with GPS)
NavStar GPS Navigation Satellite Timing And Ranging Global Positioning System
NAVW AR Navigation and Warfare
NCC Network Control Center
NCO Numerically Controlled Oscillator
ND Navigation Data
NDB Nondirectional Beacon
NGS National Geodetic Survey
NH Neumann-Hoffman
NIMA National Imaging and Mapping Agency
NIST National Institute of Standards And Technology
Nm Nautical Mile
NMEA National Marine Electronics Association
NNSS Navy Navigation Satellite System (Transit)
NOAA National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
NOC Network Operations Center
NOCUS North Central U.S. Chain (Loran-C)
NOS National Ocean Survey
NRL Naval Research Laboratory
Ns Nanosecond
NTS National Topographic Series (Canada)
NVM Non-Volatile Memory


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