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GPS Acronyms

Below is a list of acronyms that you may come across while playing with GPS technologies.

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Acronym Details
G.P. Ground Plane
GAGAN GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation (India)
GaIn Galileo Industries
GCC Galileo Control Centre
GDOP Geometric Dilution Of Precision
GEO Geostationary Satellite
GIAC GPS Interagency Advisory Council
GIC GPS Integrity Channel
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System
GM Gauss-Markov
GMS Ground Mission Segment
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GN Combined GPS and GLONASS (NMEA talker ID)
GND Ground
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems
GP GPS (NMEA talker ID)
GPAI General Purpose Analog Input
GPS Global Positioning System
GPSIC GPS Information Center
GRC Galileo Reception Chain
GRCN Galileo Reception Chain Non-PRS
GSS Galileo Sensor Stations
GSTB Galileo System Test Bed
GTR Galileo Test Receiver
GTS Galileo Test Signal Generator
GUI Graphical User Interface
GUS Ground Uplink Station
GUSTR WAAS GUS-Type 1 Receiver


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