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GPS Acronyms

Below is a list of acronyms that you may come across while playing with GPS technologies.

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Acronym Details
C/A Course Acquisition
C/A Code Coarse/Acquisition Code
C/No Post Correlation Carrier to Noise Ratio in dB-Hz
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAN Controller Area Network
CASM Coherent Adaptive Subcarrier Modulation
CBIT Continuous Built In Test
cc Cubic Centimeters
CCITT Command, Control, and Intelligence Technical Test
CCW Coded Continuous Wave
CCZ Coastal And Confluence Zone
CD Clock Drift
CDGPS Canada-Wide Differential Global Positioning System
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data
CDU Control and Display Unit
CE Conformité Européenna
CEP Circle Error Probable
CF Compact Flash
CFGP Configuration Parameters
CISPR International Special Committee On Radio Interference
CKSC Clock/Status Card
CL Long Code
CLK System Clock
CM Moderate Length Code
CMG Course Made Good
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMP Comparator Message Processor
CMR Compact Measurement Record
CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiale
CNS Communications, Navigation, And Surveillance
CoCom Coordinating Committee on Multilateral Export Controls
COG Course Over Ground
COGO Coordinate Geometry
CONUS Continental United States
COP Circle Of Position
CORS Continuously Operating Reference Station
COSPAS Cosmitscheskaja Sistema Poiska Awarinitsch Sudow (Russian: space system for search of vessels in distress)
CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device
CPU Central Processing Unit
CR Carriage Return
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRR Common Reference Receiver
CS Control Segment
CSA Canada Shipping Act
CSIC Coordination Scientific Information Center
CTP Conventional Terrestrial Pole
CTS Clear To Send
CW Continuous Wave
CW Continuous Wave


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