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The Postcode for Cervantes WA is 6511

Local Radio Stations 99.9 FM 6FMS WAFM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-30.503599 Longitude:115.06998

Cervantes, Western Australia

Cervantes is approximately 256 kilometres or three hours drive north of Perth and 53 kilometres west of the Brand Highway. Established in 1962 using 505 hectares of land excised from the Nambung Reserve, the town site was created to serve the people engaged in the Cray fishing industry.

The town is named after the American whaling ship Cervantes, a two masted barque, wrecked nearby on 29 June 1844. The introduction of scheme water, power and telephone in the mid-70s attracted more businessmen, tradesmen and people seeking a quiet but comfortable retirement to the town.

Cervantes features spectacular white, pristine beaches showcasing the beautiful turquoise ocean and visitors can enjoy many water activities including swimming, snorkelling, and diving, boating, fishing and exploring the off shore islands and reefs in the area.

One kilometre south of Cervantes is Lake Thetis named after the sailing ship Thetis which surveyed the coast between 1847 and… Read More


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