Adelaide River NT 846

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The Postcode for Adelaide River NT is 846

Local Radio Stations 98.9 FM 8ABCRR, 100.5 FM 8ABCRN Radio National - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-13.239657 Longitude:131.106488

Adelaide River Township - Adelaide River Northern Territory

The Adelaide River settlement is located on the banks of the river, 114 kilometres south of Darwin. The scenic village has a rich history and was the site of a major military headquarters during World War II. It is a small community with a population of just 250 and an ideal stop-off point between Darwin and Katherine.

The highlight of a visit to Adelaide River is the beautifully maintained World War II cemetery which can be easily found in a peaceful location by the banks of the river. Some 434 servicemen and 63 civilians killed in the Top End are buried here. Among the civilians are 9 Post Office workers who were killed on February 19, 1942 during the first of the Japanese air raids on Darwin.

Also of interest to visitors is the Adelaide River Pub set among shady trees and green lawns, it is an ideal lunch destination with the popular house special of barra and chips. The old railway bridge and station (now a museum), which was a major enterprise at the time of… Read More


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