Coober Pedy SA 5723

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Getting Around Coober Pedy

The Postcode for Coober Pedy SA is 5723

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Latitude:-29.012337 Longitude:134.754558

Outback, South Australia

When it comes to quirky towns and things to do, the Outback is hard to beat. From Coober Pedy and Marree to William Creek and Mungerannie, you'll love the things you find and the people you meet. Here we take a look at some must-see towns and their nearby attractions.

Andamooka is a great little outback mining town, famous for the quality opal that was first discovered in 1930. Andamooka opals are open-cut mined, unlike Coober Pedy where they are shaft mined, and this gives the town its own unique character. Town tours are available from Roxby Downs and highlights include working mines, semi-dugout homes, early underground shaft mines, historical cottages and "noodling" (fossicking) for opal.

Located near the end of the Strzelecki Track, Innamincka was originally a customs post taxing the movement of stock between the colonies. The town now consists of a character-filled hotel, a trading post (they bake their own bread) and an auto shop that doubles… Read More


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