Venus Bay SA 5607

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The Postcode for Venus Bay SA is 5607

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Latitude:-33.232385 Longitude:134.669777

Venus Bay, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Venus Bay is a picturesque small seaside holiday town which sits on a narrow peninsula overlooking Venus Bay and its islands. It is quiet, peaceful and friendly and its tranquil sheltered waters provide an absolute mecca for the small boat and jetty fisherman as well as water-skiing, swimming, canoeing or sailing. The town Lookout offers breathtaking views of towering cliffs and booming surf rolling in from the Great Australian Bight. Keen board riders can also view surf conditions of nearby surf beaches from here.

Venus Bay offers a variety of facilities by way of bed and breakfast, houseboat hire, holiday units, caravan park, post office, licensed general store, fuel and gas, fish-scaling bay, boat-launching facilities, playground, public toilets, safe swimming beach with shade, public phones, visitor information and boat hire. A nine hole golf course is located nearby, halfway between Port Kenny and Venus Bay.

The town jetty boasts good fishing all year-round… Read More


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