Minlaton SA 5575

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Getting Around Minlaton

The Postcode for Minlaton SA is 5575

Local Radio Stations 98.9 FM 8SAT Flow FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-34.771227 Longitude:137.595608

Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Located 197 kilometres west of Adelaide and 88 metres above sea level, Minlaton is the main service centre for the surrounding rural districts. Offering a variety of facilities for travellers venturing to the 'bottom end' of Yorke Peninsula, Minlaton is a picturesque township with wide welcoming streets.

The town was originally named Gum Flat because it is the only area of the Southern Yorke Peninsula where red gums grow naturally. The name was changed to Minlaton, which is derived from the local Aboriginal word 'minlacowie' which means 'sweet water'.

The area was settled in the 1870s by farmers who found the conditions ideal for growing wheat and barley and the grazing of sheep. Today this small township promotes itself as 'The Barley Capital of the World' and offers many facilities for locals and tourists alike.


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