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The Postcode for Terowie SA is 5421

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Latitude:-33.154565 Longitude:138.916536

Terowie, Clare Valley, South Australia

Head to historic Terowie to explore its five museums and many historical buildings in its fascinating Main Street.

Founded in 1877 and a railway town until 1989, Terowie was founded as a farming and grazing community. Today, much of the Main Street remains as in the old days.

Terowie's heritage-listed buildings including the Post Office, the Pioneer Gallery with local family photographs and histories, a small museum down Main Street with photographs and display of womans work, the Blacksmith Museum in the original Blacksmith Shop, and Simpson Museum. Take a self guided walking tour or self drive tour. The Terowie Citizens Association have been working hard for many years to restore Terowie to give people a look at how it was back in the good old days. There are now 31 places of interest for people to look at.

Terowie was a thriving stop in the late 1800s for people heading north and later became the change of gauge for the railways. The railways… Read More


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