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The Postcode for Eudunda SA is 5374

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Latitude:-34.176457 Longitude:139.084962

Eudunda, Clare Valley, South Australia

Eudunda locals are proud to claim Eudunda as the birthplace of Colin Thiele, author and educator, who is recognised as one of Australias most versatile writers. He has published more than 100 books in many fields. Some of his novels include Storm Boy, Blue Fin, The Fire in the Stone, Sun on the Stubble and Uncle Gustavs Ghosts.

It is from the latter that Eudunda has chosen to use the interpretation of Uncle Gustav as their logo. Uncle Gustav and his dog are not only characters of fiction, they also are indicative of the pioneers who opened up this area with their wives and families and of course their faithful companions nearby to help in their daily chores.

To those pioneer families who settled in the district and made this their home, the locals pay tribute in the Family Heritage Gallery. They invite you to take a few hours to walk around the town, spend some time looking at the many gardens, the trees and the bird life. Visit some of the shops and try their… Read More


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