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The Postcode for Birdwood SA is 5234

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Latitude:-34.820461 Longitude:138.954038

Birdwood, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Birdwood is an attractive Adelaide Hills village that's home to the popular National Motor Museum.

This museum tells the history of motoring in Australia and has an excellent collection of vintage cars - more than 300 in fact. Its set in a beautiful complex by the River Torrens. The museum hosts special events each year including the Bay to Birdwood "Run" vintage event, held in September on even years. This is one of the world's great historic motoring events, with a spectacular list of more than 1800 vintage vehicles, complete with passengers in period dress.

The Bay to Birdwood "Classic" is held in September on odd years. More than 2,000 classic motor vehicles follow the route from Glenelg to Birdwood, followed by a day of pure classic entertainment at the museum.

Birdwood is the major town in the eastern Adelaide Hills. You'll find a traditional Australian pub and gallery that displays work by local artists, plus… Read More


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