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Getting Around Mossman

The Postcode for Mossman QLD is 4873

Local Radio Stations 639 AM 4MS ABC Far North, 88.5 FM 4RGC Sea FM, 90.1 FM 4ABCRN Radio National, 91.7 FM 4HOT Hot FM, 92.5 FM 4CCA 4CA FM, 100.1 FM   4CCC Coral Coast Country - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-16.4605 Longitude:145.373

Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park, Mossman

Mossman is a picturesque little township nestled at the foot of the mountains among bright green fields of sugar cane. A friendly town, Mossman invites you to enjoy its genuine Tropical North Queensland hospitality, as you explore the country stores and historic pubs along the wide tree-lined main street.

The region's sugar capital, the Mossman Central Mill throbs and hums its way through the sugar cane crushing season (June October) when it is possible to do guided tours of the entire process inside the mill. The quaint cane trains rattle back and forth through the town hauling in the harvest. Out in the fields you might chance upon the breathtaking sight of a cane fire in full force.

Five minutes west of Mossman you will discover Mossman Gorge, a very accessible and scenic section of the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. Here the Mossman River tumbles its way over huge granite boulders that line the gorge, creating cool clear freshwater… Read More


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