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The Postcode for Coen QLD is 4871

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Latitude:-13.936008 Longitude:143.199183

Coen Archer Bend

There's plenty of life in the old mining community of Coen. Originally the town was created around a repeater station in the Overland Telegraph Line to the Tip of Cape York Peninsula. Camp on the town's outskirts in a bush camping ground at The Bend on Coen river - you will appreciate the beauty of access to a toilet facility if you have been going rough.

Coen lies in the centre of the Cape York Peninsula, part of the large Cook Shire Council. It is a hub of government services with facilities including two shops with fuel outlets, a cafe and takeaway, medical centre, hotel, camping and guesthouse.

Cape York House sits solidly in the main street, a community project where the town's history is presented within a building made from recycled materials from the now-demolished Mein telegraph repeater station. This original Mein station was situated north of the current Archer River Roadhouse. You will find the historic house easily accessible - just… Read More


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