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The Postcode for Chillagoe QLD is 4871

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Latitude:-17.153767 Longitude:144.522725

Chillagoe Smelters, Chillagoe

140 kilometres west of Mareeba, the former mining town of Chillagoe is one of the favoured haunts of mining buffs tracing the heady days of the 1870s to the 1920s mining boom. The town is a stunning mix of outback landscape, mining heritage, aboriginal art sites and fantastic limestone caves.

The old township is still dominated by the Chillagoe smelters, which were built at the turn of the century by miners and speculators convinced the region was set to become the next Broken Hill. The rail link followed and the town grew to 10,000 inhabitants. The region however failed to live up to its promise and millions were lost in the inevitable bust. The smelter staggered on until the 1940s when it was abandoned.

Today the town is based on tourism. If its the mining history that brought you out, head for the museum. Wander through well interpreted sites and dont forget to include the town cemetery in your walks.

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