Doomadgee QLD 4830

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Getting Around Doomadgee

The Postcode for Doomadgee QLD is 4830

Local Radio Stations 97.5 FM 4ABCRR ABC North West Qld - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-17.94203 Longitude:138.82856

Gulf Country

Doomadgee offers a good service point on the Savannah way west of Burketown (138 kilometres from the Northern Territory border).

This community was originally established near Point Parker by the Brethren sect as a mission and later moved south to its present location close to the Nicholson River waterholes.

This is a Deed of Grant in Trust area subject to restrictions on the carriage of alcohol through this area. While the Savannah Way is excluded from the restrictions, visitors turning into this community for fuel or supplies must be aware that restrictions apply. You can top up fuel and supplies with a supermarket, bakery, police and hospital services and a commercial airstrip. There is also a community guesthouse and a post office.

So if you need to call in to Doomadgee, make sure there is no alcohol on board. Do not be caught ducking in for fuel with beers in the back.


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