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The Postcode for Cloncurry QLD is 4824

Local Radio Stations 693 AM 4LM Zinc 666, 89.3 FM 4JJJ Triple J, 90.5 FM 4ABCFM ABC Classic FM, 100.5 FM 4ABCRR ABC North West Qld, 103.7 FM 4TAB, 105.3 FM 4JJJ Triple J - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-20.704158 Longitude:140.505319

Overlander's Way

The township of Cloncurry in North West Queensland occupies a key hub point in the Outback. Known as 'the friendly heart of the Great North West'. Cloncurry was founded in 1867 by Ernest Henry. It was built upon copper mines in the surrounding district, which quickly led to it being one of the most prosperous towns in the Outback.

Today, Cloncurry's core industries include grazing, copper and gold mining, transport and mining services. Qantas was conceived in Cloncurry and their aircraft hangar still stands at Cloncurry Shire Airport.

The Royal Flying Doctors Service was launched Cloncurry with the first flight on 17 May 1928. The John Flynn Place Museum pay homage to this crucial part of Outback life.

Visit a working open-cut mine with the Ernest Henry Mine Tours, departing from Mary Kathleen Park every Wednesday and Friday from May to September.

There is too much to see in just one day, so spend a couple of days in… Read More


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