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The Postcode for Middleton QLD is 4735

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Latitude:-22.353678 Longitude:141.551751

Cawnpore Hills at Middleton

Middleton was named after the first white man in the district. He was a member of the 1862 expedition led by John McKinlay. The town started life as a coach staging post and now consists of the Middleton Hotel, which has been recently restored.

Eighty-four kilometres west of Middleton on the Winton Road are the ruins of the Min Min Hotel, built in the late 1880s and burnt down in the 1920s. Its name has been given to a mysterious light that is seen throughout the western border areas. The first recorded sighting of the Min Min Lights took place at the ruins of the hotel and some locals believe that the lights originated in the nearby graveyard and have a supernatural connection.

If you are planning a day trip from Winton or en route to Boulia, then it is a must to stop at the Cawnpore Lookout at the Lilyvale Hills. Don't forget your camera!


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