Pialba QLD 4655

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Getting Around Pialba

The Postcode for Pialba QLD is 4655

Local Radio Stations 855 AM 4QB ABC Wide Bay - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-25.281981 Longitude:152.841488

Beach at Hervey Bay.

The first attempt to create a central business district for Hervey Bay was at Pialba. It is the original part of the city and business enterprises were established, but no wit shares commerce with the Boat Harbour Drive business sector.

It's also home of the local university campus. There's a library and an art gallery too. Check out the original post office and also the railway station, both of which have been retained, although the former no longer hosts rolling stock. Freedom Park houses the region's war memorial.

You may have noticed that Hervey Bay has strong connections with caravan enthusiasts, and this is clearly evidenced by the number of caravan parks strategically located along Hervey Bay's beachfront. Pialba is just one of them. Just out from the caravan park is one of a number of coral reefs in the region. This one features some really vibrant coloured coral.


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