Kingaroy QLD 4610

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The Postcode for Kingaroy QLD is 4610

Local Radio Stations 1071 AM 4SB Heart 1071, 89.1 FM 4KRY CFM, 96.3 FM K-FM Kingaroy 96.3 - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-26.5406 Longitude:151.836117

Grapes on Vines

Named after the aboriginal word for 'red ant' and renowned for its towering peanut silos, Kingaroy is home to several quality wineries located both in town and scattered through the surrounding countryside. From shiraz to chardonnay, the range is wide and quality is high. This rich agricultural area is producing a host of gourmet delights, including olives and cheeses, to complement the wines and more traditional crops such as peanuts!

Take a farm tour and find out more about the agricultural side of life, from growing, to harvesting and tasting! The South Burnett is a myriad of contrasting colours - rich red earth patch-worked with vivid green crops.

At the Mount Wooroolin Nature Refuge bird watchers may be rewarded with sightings of Regent Bower Birds, Black Breasted Quail or the Eastern Shrike-tit. Water birds can be studied from bird hides Gordonbrook Dam. Groups and families will find plenty to do with an abundance of free or low cost tours and… Read More


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