Yowah QLD 4490

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The Postcode for Yowah QLD is 4490

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Latitude:-27.968275 Longitude:144.636217

People working on the opal mines of Yowah

Yowah is The Friendly Opal Field 165 kilometres west of Cunnamulla. It is the home of the Yowah Opal Nut and the Ironstone Matrix Opal, an opal type to be found only in this part of Queensland.

Opal was first discovered here towards the end of the 19th century and production still continues. It could be your lucky day, so stay a while. This hard red country that produces some of the worlds most spectacular opal also produces a stunning display of wildflowers.

The Yowah Craft Day is held on the last Sunday in June and the Yowah Opal Festival is held on the third weekend of July each year. Yowah offers the best of both worlds access to modern technology, groceries, cafes and its still too far away for unwanted visitors to drop in!


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