Dirranbandi QLD 4486

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The Postcode for Dirranbandi QLD is 4486

Local Radio Stations 92.1 FM 4RBL Rebel FM, 98.1 FM 4RBL Rebel FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-28.585815 Longitude:148.227609


Dirranbandi is located in the Balonne Shire and is a one and a half hour drive from the nearest major town of St George. The district around the town of Dirranbandi has been described as some of the finest wool growing country in Australia.

In 1885, the town site was surveyed and named Dirranbandi which means 'swamp abounding in frogs and waterfowl' or 'frogs around the waterhole.' Dirranbandi is the gateway to the Culgoa Flood Plains National Park. The park is situated on the Queensland/New South Wales border and is ideal for birdwatching. Visitors wanting to camp at the National Park should contact the Ranger in Charge or talk to the Balonne Shire Information Centre in St George.

At the centre of a cotton-growing area, Dirranbandi's population almost doubles at harvest time when backpackers flock into town to pick the crop. Dirranbandi is also home to 'Cubbie Station'' which is believed to be the largest privately owned… Read More


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