North Tamborine QLD 4272

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Getting Around North Tamborine

The Postcode for North Tamborine QLD is 4272

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Latitude:-27.92846 Longitude:153.184483

North Tamborine

In the south east corner of Queensland, perched high on the top of a mist shrouded mountain is the leafy hamlet of North Tamborine.

North Tamborine is one of three small communities on Mount Tamborine, an area known for its picture-postcard beauty, idyllic countryside and breath-taking views across the surrounding valleys.

The village centre has a number of delightful restaurants and cafes with fresh local produce on the menu. After a hearty meal you can explore the quaint art and craft shops, gift shops and art galleries in the street nearby.

Just minutes from town youll find a number of boutique wineries, set in beautifully landscaped gardens and offering tours, fine dining, and samples at the cellar door.

Cute, old-world bed and breakfasts abound on this part of the mountain, along with charming cottage-style accommodation, exclusive health resorts and boutique motels.

There are several rainforest walks in the area and when the… Read More


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