Brisbane QLD 4000

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Getting Around Brisbane

The Postcode for Brisbane QLD is 4000

Local Radio Stations 612 AM 4QR 612 ABC Brisbane, 693 AM 4KQ 4KQ, 792 AM 4RN Radio National, 882 AM 4BH 4BH 882, 936 AM 4PB ABC News Radio, 1008 AM 4TAB 4TAB, 1053 AM   Rete Italia, 1116 AM 4BC 4BC, 1197 AM 4BI Switch 1197 AM, 1296 AM 4RPH RPH Print Radio, 1611 AM Queensland Hospital Radio, 1638 AM   The Goanna, 1656 AM Voice of Australian Chinese (VAC), 1701 AM Radio Brisvaani, 93.3 FM 4SBSFM SBS Radio, 96.5 FM 4FRB 96five Family Radio, 97.3 FM 4BFM 97.3 FM, 98.1 FM 4EB 4EB FM, 98.9 FM 4AAA 98.9 FM, 102.1 FM 4ZZZ 4ZZZ, 103.7 FM 4MBS 4MBS Classic FM, 104.5 FM 4MMM Triple M, 105.3 FM 4BBB B105, 106.1 FM 4ABCFM ABC Classic FM, 106.9 FM 4BNE Nova 106.9, 107.7 FM 4JJJ Triple J - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-27.46758 Longitude:153.027892

Brisbane City

Make a journey to downtown Brisbane and you'll realise how beautiful a city can be. Youll find a unique combination of old and new - where sandstone cathedrals blend seamlessly with steel and glass skyscrapers, modern architectural design is teamed with a healthy respect for tradition.

A network of grassy parks, drooping palm trees and a river that snakes through the heart of town reflects the sub-tropical environment in which we live. Pristine, colourful, adventurous, inviting and open; these are all accurate descriptions of the heart of the city.

And if youre looking for some retail therapy, then the Queen Street Mall is the place to head for a complete shopping experience. Over 700 stores trading seven days a week call this kilometre strip home. South Bank's Little Stanley Street should be next on your shopping list, a little urban sophistication right by the river.

For those who love to party, Brisbane's superb selection of nightlife… Read More


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