Lord Howe Island NSW 2898

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Getting Around Lord Howe Island

The Postcode for Lord Howe Island NSW is 2898

Local Radio Stations 100.1 FM Lord Howe Island Radio, 104.1 FM 2ABCFM ABC Classic FM, 105.3 FM 2JJJ Triple J, 106.1 FM 2ABCFM ABC Classic FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-31.55247 Longitude:159.081217

Lord Howe

Lord Howe Island is music for the soul, a place to revitalise and de-stress.

At any one time, youre one of only 400 visitors on Lord Howe, an island of unspoilt beauty where life is relaxed and unhurried. With bicycles the best way to get around and no mobile phone reception, theres plenty of time to relax and attune yourself to the idyllic surroundings.

World Heritage listed for its remarkable geology and its rare collection of birds, plants and marine life, Lord Howe is surrounded by the worlds southernmost coral reef. Crystal clear waters teem with marine life and rare coral, protected as part of the Lord Howe Island Marine Park.


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