Cobar NSW 2835

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The Postcode for Cobar NSW is 2835

Local Radio Stations 972 AM 2DU 2DU, 101.3 FM 2JJJ Triple J, 102.1 FM   Star FM proposed, 102.9 FM   Cobar Community Radio, 103.7 FM 2ZOO Zoo FM, 104.5 FM Sky Sports Radio, 105.3 FM 2SBSFM SBS Radio, 106.9 FM 2ABCFM ABC Classic FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-31.498218 Longitude:145.840727

Cobar Old Mine

Venture just a short way from the main streets of Cobar and you'll discover a small town with a wealth of charming attractions. The Cobar Regional Museum is regarded amongst the best in New South Wales, thoroughly covering the area's fascinating past. Old mining remnants and historic buildings also mark out the area and Aboriginal rock paintings provide a glimpse into the storytelling traditions of the country's native population.


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