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The Postcode for Nyngan NSW is 2825

Local Radio Stations 95.1 FM 2ABCRR ABC Western Plains, 96.7 FM 4RBL Rebel FM, 100.7 FM 2WEB Outback Radio 2WEB - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-31.562487 Longitude:147.192356

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White settlers moved into the area in the 1840s and established the village of Canonba on the banks of Duck Creek. The village thrived for some forty years until it was bypassed with the extension of the railway to Bourke. In 1882, the people of Canonba packed up and moved south to the railway, establishing Nyngan on the banks of the Bogan River. Nyngan has always been prone to flooding and temporary levees were built as the need arose over the years. Severe floods in 1976 led to the construction of a more permanent levee, but it was not enough to contain the Bogan when it flooded in 1990 - the entire town was airlifted to safety in one of the State's biggest rescue efforts. Evidence of the flood remains today, in the form of markers, memorials, a higher levee and in one of the town's nicknames, 'Flood Town 1990'.

Nyngan is an important centre of Australia's Wool Industry. Nyngan boasts many world famous sheep and cattle studs, it is a wealthy… Read More


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