Orange NSW 2800

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Getting Around Orange

The Postcode for Orange NSW is 2800

Local Radio Stations 1089 AM 2EL 2EL, 88 FM Hit Country 88, 94.7 FM 2MCE 2MCE FM, 103.5 FM 2CCB Rhema FM Orange, 105.1 FM 2OAG 2GZ FM, 105.9 FM 2GZF Star FM, 106.7 FM Sky Sports Radio, 107.5 FM 2OCB FM 107.5 - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-33.283626 Longitude:149.099984


Situated a comfortable 3.5 hours from Sydney and 3 hours from Canberra, Orange is an ideal location for your next short break.

The Orange Region presents you with a playground in which to discover the wonderful natural attractions, immerse yourself in the areas rich history and
heritage, or simply escape and relax, or experience our delicious food and wine over 50 vineyards, 23 of which have cellar doors.

Orange is known as Australia's Colour City and with four distinct seasons, it's easy to see why. At any time of the year Orange's streets are alive with a
kaleidoscope of colours. Golden reds and oranges splash through the city in autumn, winter snowfalls bring a brilliant white contrasted by a rich velvet
green in spring and with summers arrival comes a warm sunshine ideal for enjoying all that Orange has to offer.

Whether it's a morning walk, lunch at an exceptionally delicious cafe, perusal of a gallery… Read More


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