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The Postcode for Tumut NSW is 2720

Local Radio Stations 94.7 FM 2SBSFM SBS Radio, 96.3 FM 2TVR Sounds of the Mountains, 97.9 FM 2RVR ABC Riverina, 99.5 FM 2ABCRN Radio National, 103.1 FM 2WZD Star FM, 107.9 FM 2WG 2WG - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-35.300634 Longitude:148.224961


Situated in a beautiful valley at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, Tumut is one of the prettiest towns in New South Wales. The towns name is derived from an Aboriginal word, meaning 'a quiet resting place by the river'.
Tumuts rich colonial heritage from the gold rush era remains today and can be seen in magnificent old buildings best explored on a heritage walk. The pioneer cemetery in Adelong Road includes the grave of Thomas Boyd, a member of the Hume and Hovell expedition that passed through Tumut in 1824. The Historical Society Museum has fascinating information about the towns pioneering history as well as memorabilia belonging to famous local author, Miles Franklin.

Durimng your visit to Tumut you could; visit the African Violet Farm, the Snowy Mountains Trout Farm, Boonderoo Wines and the Tumut Broom Factory. Enjoy the many walks around town such as the River Walk along the banks of the Tumut River and Elm Drive, best during spring and autumn.… Read More


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