Jerangle NSW 2630

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The Postcode for Jerangle NSW is 2630

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Latitude:-35.885731 Longitude:149.358866


On the face of it, Jerangle is just another of those blink and you'll miss it villages. A trip out to Jerangle is well worth the effort, if only because of the historical buildings and breathtaking scenery on the way out.

One of the earliest known references to Jerangle was in Gazette number 45, dated April 6, 1850. In the Gazette a John Cutmore is listed as claiming the "Gerangle" run of 17,920 acres and a grazing capacity of 4000 sheep. From there development continued, with the site where the village now stands providing a focal point for people on properties in the area.

While the present village is not large, there are signs of it being more prosperous in years gone past. Buildings of significance are the Jerangle Public School which celebrated its centenary in 1992. Also contained within the village are the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church.


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