Wollongong NSW 2500

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The Postcode for Wollongong NSW is 2500

Local Radio Stations 1035 AM 2EA SBS Radio, 1314 AM   Sky Sports Radio, 1431 AM 2PNN Radio National, 1485 AM 2EA SBS Radio, 1575 AM Rete Italia, 93.3 FM 2RPH RPH Print Radio, 96.5 FM 2UUL Wave FM, 98.1 FM 2WIN i98 FM, 99.3 FM   2MM Greek Radio, 105.3 FM   Hot Country, 106.9 FM 2VOX VOX FM 106.9 - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-34.425878 Longitude:150.899818

North Wollongong

North Wollongong is an established residential and industrial area, Growth taking place in the 1920's, spurred by tourism. The most significant development occurred during the post-war years. In recent years many medium and high density dwellings have been built.

The population has been relatively stable since the early 1990's a result of some new dwellings being added, but a decline in the number of occupied dwellings.

Major features of the area include TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute (Wollongong Campus), North Wollongong Beach, Stuart Park. Police and Community Youth Club, RSPCA Centre, and Sky Dive the Beach.


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