Cabarita Beach NSW 2488

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Getting Around Cabarita Beach

The Postcode for Cabarita Beach NSW is 2488

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Latitude:-28.332149 Longitude:153.569695

Cabarita Beach

Cabarita Beach is located in the heart of the scenic Tweed Coast and bounded by a Nature Reserve to the north and west and the Pacific Ocean to the east, this typical coastal village of some 3000 residents represents a unique lifestyle. It boasts many features such as bike tracks, coastal walkways, littoral rainforests, Cudgen Lake, headland barbecue and picnic areas and uninterrupted views over the ocean.

A delightful little coastal town renowned for its excellent surfing beach and varied accommodation, Cabarita is an ideal holiday venue. A small but well equipped shopping centre with takeaway food, restaurants, beachside hotel, supermarket, surf and fishing needs will supply you with the necessities of life whilst you enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the surrounding town. The original name for this pretty little town is Bogangar, an Aboriginal word meaning 'place of many pippies', which refers to the ancient ceremonial shell middens in the area.

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