Kempsey NSW 2440

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Getting Around Kempsey

The Postcode for Kempsey NSW is 2440

Local Radio Stations 531 AM 2PM Radio 531, 684 AM 2KP ABC Mid North Coast, 103.1 FM 2WET Tank FM, 105.1 FM 2ROX ROX FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-31.080621 Longitude:152.84199

Kempsey Agricultural Show

Cedar cutting is the principle industry on which Kempsey has prospered since its foundation in the early 19th Century. Visit historic Trial Bay Gaol at
South West Rocks and the Wigay Aboriginal Culture Park. Just out of town, Gladstone is highlighted by The Old Lodge Pottery and Darkwater House,
which serves afternoon tea and sells local handicrafts. Within Kempsey itself, shopping, accommodation and all the benefits of a mid sized country town make it the perfect stopover point on a trip up the Pacific Highway.


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