Dungog NSW 2420

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The Postcode for Dungog NSW is 2420

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Latitude:-32.403867 Longitude:151.757171

Dungog Hotel

It is from these beautiful hills that the name Dungog, 'A Place of Thinly Wooded Hills' was derived. The hills are at their most striking in the early morning or the evening when the light casts long shadows from the trees and mist hangs in the valleys.

Dungog first settled in the 1820s is two and a half hours easy drive from Sydney. With its wide streets and country charm it is the shopping and business centre for a thriving community based on beef cattle, controlled logging of hardwoods, dairying, deer farming and tourism.

World class wilderness most of Barrington Tops will always be forest, protected as State Forest and National Park, and with pristine regions designated wilderness areas and listed under World Heritage legislation. There is wide diversity, from vigorous regrowth stands of tall straight eucalypts, to ancient beech forest, and many waterfalls pure and undisturbed. There is rich sub-tropical rainforest in the lowland gullies, and… Read More


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