Daintree QLD 4873

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Getting Around Daintree

The Postcode for Daintree QLD is 4873

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Latitude:-16.249924 Longitude:145.319171

Daintree Village

Perched on a bend of the Daintree River, just past the Daintree Ferry turn off, lies the sleepy rainforest village of Daintree. Here you will be enchanted by the size, life and tranquillity of Earths oldest surviving rainforests. These ancient living museums are rich with hundreds of plants and species of marsupials, reptiles, birds, and butterflies.

Wildlife of every kind flourishes in the Daintree River. From special birds such as the Double-eyed Fig Parrot and Beach Stone-curlew to the area's most infamous inhabitant: estuarine crocodiles. You can watch crocodiles eating, sunning themselves on the mangrove-lined banks, or gliding through the water - all from the safety of a boat on one of many Daintree River tours and cruises.

Or press pause on adventure for a little while and dine on fresh barramundi at one of the local restaurants. Browse art and craft shops, and soak up the lifestyle and ambience of this laidback village.

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