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The Postcode for Ayr QLD is 4807

Local Radio Stations 97.1 FM 97.1 Sweet FM - Add Radio Stations

Latitude:-19.576054 Longitude:147.405171

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Situated on the north side of the mighty Burdekin River, 85 kilometres south of Townsville, the prosperous rural community of Ayr is the main town in the Burdekin Shire.

This is prime sugar country, with about 80,000 hectares of land under sugar cane, and an annual production of about 1.25 million tonnes of raw sugar. The district also contributes one-third of the nations mango harvest and is a major producer of melons and a host of other fruit and vegetables.

The Burdekin sits on a vast natural aquifer which is artificially replenished with water from the Burdekin River. A rich network of creeks and mangrove-lined estuaries make the area a mecca for fishing and crabbing. The Burdekin is a known hotspot for fighting fish, the barramundi, as well as estuary species such as mangrove jack and trevally.

Nearby Alva Beach offers miles of unspoilt, sandy coastline and is a popular spot for beach fishing, birdwatching and windsurfing. Its also a close… Read More


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