Largs NSW 2320

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Australian Postcodes

Other » Reference » Postcodes
This group contains 9960 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 961 days ago
Postcodes are used in Australia for the purposes of sorting and directing mail. All postcodes in Australia consist of exactly four numerical digits and are placed at the end of the address. Australian postcodes are allocated and managed by Australia Post.

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Speed Zones - NSW & ACT

Transport » Road and rail » Speed Zones
This group contains 2149 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 794 days ago
Common speed zones below the default built up area 50 km/h limit are: - Shared zones (signposted areas where pedestrians and motorised traffic share the same space) are 10 kilometres per hour. - School zones are 40 kilometres per hour during posted school times, except in South Australia, where they are 25 kilometres per hour when children are present - 40 km/h zones. A number of local governments have implemented lower speed limits, typically 40 km/h, in certain areas, such as shopping…

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2149 POI | 2906 Downloads | 2154 Comments

Telstra Exchanges

Public Services » Utilities / Infrastructure support » Telecommunications features
This group contains 624 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 1981 days ago
A group of Telstra Exchanges. Useful for mapping DSLAM coverage.

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Thirsty Camel

Retail & Services » Food and drink » Liquor
This group contains 331 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 2750 days ago
Like little oases, there are now over 450 Thirsty Camels dotted around this great, parched land. The herd is growing by the day, and chances are there’s one just up the road from you. A Thirsty Camel Bottleshop that is - not an actual camel. As you can probably tell, we’re not your average bottleshop. Sure we sell everything you’d expect - and at good prices - but we also have fun in the process. Because, let’s face it, the bottleshop is probably your last stop before a good time. So bring it…

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