Brim VIC 3391

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Groups within a radius of 9km of Brim VIC 3391.


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ANZ Bank

Retail & Services » Finance » Banks / Credit Unions
This group contains 850 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 2076 days ago
Australia is ANZ’s largest market, serving approximately six million Retail and Commercial customers through a network of around 800 branches, 115 business centres, 2,700 ATMs and leading online and mobile banking applications.

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Australian Postcodes

Other » Reference » Postcodes
This group contains 9960 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 899 days ago
Postcodes are used in Australia for the purposes of sorting and directing mail. All postcodes in Australia consist of exactly four numerical digits and are placed at the end of the address. Australian postcodes are allocated and managed by Australia Post.

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Bowling Clubs

Entertainment » Clubs » Registered Clubs
This group contains 1191 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 1540 days ago
Lawn Bowls is the game that takes a second to learn – but a lifetime to master. Lawn Bowls is a precision sport in which the aim is to roll bowls (slightly radially asymmetrical balls) closest to a smaller yellow/white ball (the "jack" or "kitty"). It is played indoors and outdoors on grass or artificial surfaces. Lawn bowls is usually played on a rectangular, level manicured grass or synthetic surface known as a “green” which is divided into parallel playing strips known as rinks.

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Public Services » Publicly accessible facilities » Cemeteries and crematoria
This group contains 3658 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 2676 days ago
The final resting place of the dead sounds like an unlikely tourist attraction, but tourist destinations around Australia are beginning promote memorials, cemeteries and graveyards to attract visitors wanting to trace their roots or pay homage to long-dead hero’s and villains. Most historic towns and villages have a cemetery worth exploring and many larger cities have graveyards reserved for the powerful, rich and famous (or infamous!) and a stroll around one of the big cemeteries such as…

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Fire Brigades/Departments

Public Services » Government » Fire Departments
This group contains 2177 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 1615 days ago
This Group is for Firemen who sometimes have to travel to other brigade areas during large fire campains.

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Public Toilets (VIC)

Public Services » Publicly accessible facilities » Public toilets
This group contains 3764 Points of Interest.
Last Updated: 2468 days ago
A public toilet (also called a bathroom, restroom, toilet, comfort room, powder room, toilet room, washroom, water closet, W.C., public lavatory, or the John for slang) is a public toilet facility.

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